Jonathan MatthewsEdit


Jonathan, Lillian's late husband.












Daniel SwanEdit


Daniel Swan, Lillan's boyfriend.

"Why would me fancying you be surprise you; you're quite pretty, Mr Swan. And you're kind, but you still manage to be smart. You're the perfect combination of pretty, kind and smart and you're not arrogant because of it, damn you don't even seem to realise it."
Lillian to Dan

Dan somewhat reminds Lillian of her late husband. Because of this, she asks for a dance with him at her brother’s wedding before proceeding to hit on him. Though successful in seducing a somewhat inebriated “conquest”, she didn’t expect to develop feelings for Dan. However as Dan is transformed into a werewolf she offers to help him try to keep in control of himself, not wanting him to end up like her.









Edward CullenEdit


Edward Cullen, Lillian's brother.

Edward: "There’s always a chance, Lillian, always."
Lillian: "How can you still believe that? We’re vampires, brother, we have no soul to save, and I don’t care."
Edward: "How did you get so jaded, Lillian"
Lillian: "I lost everything, remember, and then you had someone take my soul, please do try to keep up."
Lillian turning down Edward's offer to join the Cullens

Edward is Lillian's biological twin brother. Edward and Lillian have had a shaky relationship, ever since Edward asked Carlisle to turn her when she was dying, as a last resort to save his sister. Though, as far as Lillian was concerned, she could have forgiven him for what she percieved was him making her a monster, it was when Edward had Lillian's son hidden from her to "protect" him; believing that, if Lillian were to still look after him, the bloodlust would kick in, and she would hurt him, and he didn't want her to have to deal with that guilt.

For almost a century, Edward tried to convince that trying to live alongside the humans would help Lillian. For a long time he was convinced, no matter how low Lillian seemed to get, that she could be saved and he could find the sister he had been close with as a child in there somewhere.

Jonah MatthewsEdit


Jonah, Lillian's son.











Gabriella CullenEdit


Gabriella, Lillian's distant ancestor.











Adoptive SiblingsEdit

Alice CullenEdit


Alice, Lillian's adoptive sibling.











Jasper HaleEdit


Jasper, Lillian's covenmate.












Emmett CullenEdit


Emmett, Lillian's covenmate.











Rosalie HaleEdit


Rosalie, Lillian's covenmate.











Adoptive ParentsEdit

Carlisle CullenEdit


Carlisle, Lillian's adoptive "father".











Esme CullenEdit


Esme, Lillian's adoptive "mother".











Denali CovenEdit


Aro (enemy)Edit

Lillian: "I'm going to make you regret this, Aro. I'm going to make you wish you were never even born. Then I'm going to make let you rot. You hear me, Aro? I'm ging to kill you, I swear to god."
Aro: "Oh.. this one has spirit."
Lillian threatening Aro.

Lillian has an intense and unwavering hatred for Aro. This is because, ever since she met him in Volterra in the 1920s, Aro has coveted Lillian and her power as a member of his guard. With both Chelsea and Lillian, Aro could control everyone. He could have complete, unconditional support form all of his guard, as well as his “brothers”.

Furthermore, there would be no need to ask anyone to join the Volturi, he would just have to instruct Lillian to “have a word” with anyone and get unconditional, loyal support from them as well. This meant that Aro was quite adamant to get her on his team, with acceptance of his “offer” or not.

Jane (enemy)Edit

Chelsea (enemy)Edit