Lucia has a very complex array of emotions, mostly maintaining her tough, overconfident, and arrogant, girl attitude in front of people and bottling her emotions up inside of her. She is able to maintain a normal attitude even under stressful situations, such as being threatened by the Originals. Yet, she has a heart and sometimes cannot bear the emotional burden of some events, such as when Stefan leaves, or when she feels Damon blames her for his turning into a vampire. At the end of the day, though, she appears to be caring, nice, and loyal towards her brothers, her friends, and others she cares about. Before returning to Mystic Falls in Season 1, she is a highly skilled manipulator with extremely questionable morals, she has proven she is willing to do anything to get what she wants, even at the expense of others' lives.

She can be somewhat of a tomboy, in that she doesn't buy into the usual expectations held for teenage girls: she scoffs at high school pretenses, doesn't seem to get on well with other girls (with the exceptions of those in the know of the Supernatural element of town), and holds her own against her male counterparts.

Like her brother, Damon, Lucia feeds on the blood of humans but instead chooses to feed from bloodbags instead of from the vein. At the begining of the series she showed a low regard for humans but has since been seen to risk her own safety for humans such as Matt and Jeremy.

She doesn't like being inferior to people, and is jealous of Elena, because of the attention she coverts from Lucia's brothers and how everyone goes out of their way to protect her. Lucia is also rude, selfish, impulsive, never thinks before acting first, never thinks everything through, never thinks of the consequences, and sarcastic.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Lucia is a beautiful girl with olive toned skin, green hazel eyes and long dark hair which she wears straight,she has fine cheeeknones and ful lips which are pale pink . She is quite tall, standing at 5'10. She was once referred to as "one of the prettiest girls in school" by a jock and even Matt said she had a nice smile.

She often wears dark makeup, dark colored clothes and usually wears a leather jacket, boots and goth-like dress or skirt.