This is an AU interpretation of this character and is written by Becky.

Luna Juno Potter (nee Lovegood)
Biographical information

13 Febuary, 1981 Cork, Ireland

  • Loony Lovegood (by Hogwarts students)
  • Loopy Luna (by Hogwarts students)
  • Moondrop (by Pandora and Brenna)
  • Lu (by friends and family)
  • Cassandra (Potterwatch / MBN Communications)
Physical description




Hair color

White blonde

Eye color

Pale silver

Skin color

Very fair

Family information
Family members
Magical characteristics



Her mother, dying slowly from her spell backfire accident

Jukebox song

"You Spin Me Right Round" (by dead or alive)

  • Main wand: Cedar, 13 inches, Unicorn hair bendy. A fairly sentient and extremely protective and loyal want, it is clear that it is well loved in kind as it is covered in little nicks and scratches from it's mistresses adventures. Intricately carved with a depiction of stars, it is almost completely painted in a gradient of purples and blues that simulate a particularly beautiful night sky, the ingravings of stars have been painted silver by a delicate hand. Around the base silver ribbon is wrapped and kept there with a permanent sticking charm. This wand always carries the faint smell of honeysuckle.
  • Second wand: Pine, 12 inches, A feather from a friend, flexible. Made of lightly coloured wood, this wand always has a faint air of sadness to it, where once it eminated warmth and happiness. With it's mistress long dead, this wand only works for Luna and no one else. It is extremely sensitive to danger and will alert anyone in range by emitting a soft light. The wand is warm to the touch and carved with patterns resembling a forest, these are painted with worn light green paint, with tiny dots of multiple colours around and near the base to give the illusion of flowers. A yellow thread is tied around it's quilt patterned base. It carries a faint scent of the forest always (once belonging to her mother, this wand was given to Luna when Pandora passed away. She keeps it with her always but rarely uses it)
  • Hare (breifly, during her fourth year)
  • Unicorn (after she has truly come into her own following her capture and subsequent reunion with Harry and the others)
Oh no, my inner eye is just fine, but it's nice you're concerned
— Luna's nonplussed attitude to the taunts she has to deal with often

Luna Juno Potter (née Lovegood) (b.13 Feb 1981) is an Irish Half-blood witch born to Xenophilius and Pandora Lovegood (née Scamander). She has three aunts and three uncles on her mothers side and many cousins whom she considers more as siblings than anything else. Through her mother she is also the youngest granddaughter of the famous Magizoologist Newton Scamander and his wife Tina Scamander (née Goldstien).