Madeleine Augustine
Madeleine Augustine
Biographical information

August 28, 1990 (age 23)





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Significant spells
  • Various different spells
Physical Appearance
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Britt Robertson

First seen

Friday Night Bites

Last seen

No Exit

Damon killed Aaron! I won't let him get away with it. Not this time.

 Madeleine "Maddy" Augustine is the ex-girlfriend of Tyler Lockwood and Aaron Whitmore until the time of his death. After the death of her parents, she discovers that Zach Salvatore is her biological father, she ends up staying at the Salvatore residence until his death. After his death and after Damon tries to kill her, Stefan suggests that she stay with a friend for now in order to keep her safe from Damon. She ends up staying with Matt and Vicki Donovan.  Throughout the series Maddy and Matt grow closer, and Maddy begins to develope feelings for him. She ends up discovering the truth behind her parents deaths, and that her mother hid the fact that she is a witch.

She attended Mystic Falls High School. She now attends Whitmore College.

Maddy has all the basic powers as a witch, but she also has the Psychic of being able to see into the future, though she never knows when she will get a Psychic vision, she has many other Psychic powers. 

She is the last human left in the Salvatore Family, which seems to make her a target especially when Damon's past comes back to haunt him. Enzo's had kidnapped her along with Aaron from Aaron's dorm. Enzo presents Maddy and Aaron to Damon, using Maddy as leverage to get Damon to take on their quest. Damon instead snaps Enzo's neck and saves Maddy and Aaron, compelling Aaron to leave town. Maddy later finds out from Stefan and "Elena" that Damon had killed Aaron, which put Maddy in a rage and making her want to put a stop to hi, but upon finding him she discoveres what Wes did to Damon, which made her feel conflicted. She hated him for killing Aaron, but still wanted to help him. She seemed to be the only one that was safe around Damon since he was now a Augustine Vampire.

Maddy is a member of the Salvatore Family

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