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Mary Langdon
Mary Langdon
Biographical information

December 25th



  • Student (currently)
  • Beacon Hills High (currently)



  • Beacon Hills (currently)
  • New York City (formerly)
  • Chicago (formerly)
Family information
Family Members

Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • Unknown Human
  • 8 Unnamed Hunters
  • 4 Unnamed Werewolves
Physical Appearance
Played by
First seen
  • "Pilot"
Last seen
  • "Lunar Ellipse"
God, Derek! It's not like we planned for this to happen! It just happened. I`m sure you of all people could understand that.
Mary to Derek about her pregnancy

Mary Langdon (born Mary Hale) is one of the main characters on MTV's Teen Wolf.


Mary Landon (born Mary Hale) is the youngest of the Hale family. She was adopted by the Langdon family when her entire family was found burned alive when she was 12. After Mary was adopted she moved to New York with her new family where she lived until she was 14 her father got a new job in Chicago, while in Chicago she ended up turning in front of her adoptive parents when she was 15, and this caused them to disown her and kick her out. She ended up moving back to New York until she was 16, and later moved back to Beacon Hills. 

Mary had always had a strong bond with her elder brother, Derek and even now there bond is stronger than ever. Mary had moved back into the Hale house and ended up attending school at Beacon Hills High where she quickly made new friends and some old ones from when she first lived there before. Mary ended up starting a secret relationship with Isaac Lahey which later ended up becoming public. Mary is known for her quick wit and determination, and can be quite rebellious at times which often lands her into dangerous situations. She is often seen being rescued when she gets herself into dangerous situations. She doesn't have the most stable relationship with her uncle, Peter due to finding out what he had done. Mary is part of Derek's pack, and is loyal to Scott's pack. 

Season 1Edit

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Season 2Edit

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Season 3Edit

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