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August 9, 2013
  • I live in Australia
  • I was born on February 4
  • I am Female
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  • Hi! I was looking at your Evangeline page, and I'm new to Tumblr RP Wiki? You said to notify you if I need help, and I was just wondering how to do that biographical section to the right? Thanks dear in advance.

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    • It may be a while before I get into contact with her because she hasn't been really active these past few days, or past week actually, but she should be online eventually XD Don't worry, you're not confusing me at all. I'm just gonna copy and paste a section in my tvd oc's biography and highlight the stuff you need to add to get that "expand" thingy.

      |location =
      • Greenville, North Carolina (formerly: 1991-2007)

      The stuff bolded and italiced (I'm half asleep and can't spell) are the stuff you need to add when you want to do the expand thingy. I really hope this makes sense, but if not then just let me know and I'll try to re-explain. 

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    • Wait, sorry, it's not coming up properly on the thing. I think you're better off asking Grace about this I'm afraid. She can explain way better than I can. Sorry! XD

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  • Hey there Caity. How're you fairin'?

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  • Hiya, are you the person form Grace Potter, by any chabce, either way, I realised we are fellow admins so I thought i'd drop by to say hello, so....

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  • Tehee

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    • That's fine I'm just really picky, i'm sorry :P

      I use my MediaFire account :)

      I liked the way skins made it more colourful, you don't get that on  facebook or whatever,  but yes the editing, roleplay and the community was the most important part. Even if the layout was super useful

      I can do that. It will be in a day or so now though.

      I am tired :P

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    • Don't be, I'm exactly the same with certain things :P

      Do you need to save the psds in a certain way before you upload them, or do you just save it the way you would a normal image (not a completed edited one, if that makes any sense) but you don't "merge" the things together? :o

      Yeah skins are good for that way, but I was never one of those people that had tons of skins. I always tended to stick to the plain ones :P

      Thanks so much, and take as much time as you need. It's not like I need them right now, I can wait :P

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  • Hi, welcome to Tumblr Roleplay Wiki! Thanks for your edit to the User:Caity95 page.

    Please leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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