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Nathaniel Moore
Biographical information

February 8th, 1996; Chicago, IL










• Nate
• Several false identities

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color


Skin color


Family information
Family members

• Natasha Moore (née Ivanova) (Mother) ✝
• Alexander Moore (Father) ✝
• Alice Moore (Younger sister) ✝
• Evan Moore (Younger brother) ✝
• Daniel Charles (Step-father) ✝
• Lisa Charles (Younger step-sister) ✝

Other characteristics

• English (Native tongue)
• Russian (Native tongue)




• High School student (Formerly)
• Fugitive (Currently)

If I regret killing my family? No.
— Nathaniel in interrogation

Nathaniel Alexander Moore is the son of Natasha Moore (née Ivanova) and Alexander Moore, the older brother of Alice and Evan Moore. The step-son of Daniel Charles and the older step-brother of Lisa Charles.

He is a nineteen year old serial killer and a former prisoner after killing his mother, younger siblings, step-father and step-sister in coldblood. He is currently a fugitive using several false identities to stay out of the police's radar.

When he was 17 he was diagnosed with sociopathy after his father's death and his mother got together with Daniel Charles, a man Nathaniel absolutely loathed.

Biography Edit

Nathaniel Alexander Moore was born on February 8th; 1996 to Natasha Moore (née Ivannova) and Alexander Moore. He was their first child and first son. The first time his mother laid eyes on him she referred to him as 'Her Angel' because of his angelic looks. He was an only child until he was 5 when his younger siblings were born, the twins Alice and Evan.

But even after the twins birth, Nathaniel was spoiled by his mother and he got whatever he wanted. Nathaniel grew very protective of his younger siblings and did anything to protect them.

When Nathaniel started school, he became one of the more popular kids; at least among the girls. This may have been because of his, according to his mother, flawless looks. In high school he became captain of the football team and dated some of the most popular girls in school.

His life was seemingly perfect until his dad suddenly passed away when he were 17, in a car accident in which his mother's new boyfriend, Daniel Charles, also were involved. Daniel Charles were also one of Nathaniel's old high school teachers and not the most liked one by Nathaniel.

When his mother and Daniel got together, Nathaniel started to skip school and also quit as the captain of the football team. His behaviour got worse and he started to hang out with the wrong kind of people.

Later that year, Nathaniel were diagnosed with sociopathy and got, as they said, help for it. However, it only got worse and when he were eighteen, he murdered his entire family in coldblood.

Later in the interrogations, he got the question if he regretted killing his family and his answer shocked most everyone. With a calm expression and a smile he answered the police 'No.' Because of his sociopathy and that he had admitted that he commited the murders, Nathaniel were sentenced to lifetime with regular talks with a psychiatrist.

After about a year in prison, Nathaniel succeeded with escaping and have since then been a fugitive and been using several false identities to keep himself hidden. The last track the police has of him was when he took out all money he had to not having to pay with credit card.

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