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You can try your hardest to protect me, either by keeping me away from the harm or by distancing yourself from me... but, Cas, it'll never work. I'll keep coming back, chasing after you. I am a Winchester. I'm drawn to the dangerous life, and I'm stubborn as hell. You won't ever get rid of me. Learn that now. I will always love you, Cas. Simple as that.
— Nevaeh, telling Castiel her feelings.

Nevaeh and Castiel
General Information

Cavaeh, Nevstiel

Intimacy Levels

Soulmates, Future husband and wife, They love one another, Willing to do anything for each other, Protective of one another, Care deeply about one another, Have passionate feelings, Couldn't live without each other, He is willing to wait forever to be with her.

First Met The day Nevaeh was born (officially; September 20th, 2008)
Started Dating March 2011 (Frontierland)

Relationship Confirmed: June 15, 2011 (Meet The New Boss)

Status Soulmates, Close bond, Best friends, Allies

The relationship between Angel/Human/Vampire hybrid Nevaeh Winchester and Angel Castiel.

Castiel first met Nevaeh when she was a newborn baby, however, it was very brief. They later met again on September 20, 2008 when Nevaeh was thirteen years old. Nevaeh and Castiel instantly formed a very close bond with one another. Castiel became Nevaeh's best friend, ally, and her protector. 

Originally, Castiel wasn't going to tell Nevaeh that she and him were soulmates. He wanted Nevaeh to be able to have a chance at falling in love with someone, without her love being based upon the fact that she was soulmates with someone. However, Michael told Dean, Sam, and Nevaeh. At first, Nevaeh was very angry with Castiel for keeping such a huge secret which involved her and her own life. But eventually she came to see reason, understanding why Castiel didn't tell her the truth: she was only thirteen when they firth met, and she had barely lived her own life. Nevaeh then tells Castiel that he is the only one she wants to be with and she can't love anyone else except for him, but he'll have to wait for her to be ready to be with him, something which he agreed with.

Nevaeh and Castiel have a complicated relationship. They both care about one another greatly and are willing to go to great lengths for each other. Nevaeh also wants to only be with Casiel, as she cannot see herself ever loving anyone except for him, but there are many obstacles standing in their way of being together. Dean - Nevaeh's father - tries to keep Nevaeh and Castiel apart at first, but he later grudgingly accepts the fact that they are soulates, knowing only Castiel can make his daughter happy and keep her safe. Castiel also causes many problems for their relationship by constantly trying to distance himself from Nevaeh in order to protect her. There are many angels who are trying to stop Nevaeh and Castiel from being together, and many demons who attempt to kill Nevaeh on a daily basis. This is because if she and Castiel are to have a child together - as they are shown to do, in the future - he/she will be very powerful.


Prior to Nevaeh's birth, Castiel had originally been sent to kill her while she was still in her mother's womb, as she was considered an abomination. However, Castiel was stopped by the Archangel Michael - Nevaeh's maternal grandfather - and was informed that the baby in Emmaline's womb would be his soulmate, and that killing her would bring great dangers in the future. Hearing this news, Castiel vowed to protect Emmaline for the remaining months of her pregnancy.

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