Nora and Leda
General Information

Ledan and Nora


Care about each other, like siblings, loyal to each other, protective of each other, enjoy gaming together, confide in each other, comfortable with each other, best friends.


For Leda

  • Lee

For Nora

  • Nor
  • Nora-Bear (ironically)
First Met

Spring of 582AD

Important Events
  • Met when Nora was human
  • Leda left her town before knowing her fate
  • Met again in a bar in 2011 after Leda was in a fight and got drunk
  • Built up friendship
  • Became best friends
  • Ledan fund out she was the girl he met years ago, and about what happened to her
  • Leda was hexed, Nora helped fix it
  • Nora was there for Leda in the aftermath

Best friends

Y’know it’s lucky we can both teleport 'cause I looked it up, if I had to drive here it'd be 43 hours, and that’s just counting drive time alone, and obviously there’d be stops. That would get so tedious, not to mention the gas cost the Cadillac would bring in.
— Leda to Nora

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