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Oliver Hale
Oliver Hale
Biographical information

1912 Rochester, New York



Perpetual age

22 (actually 97)

Bitten by

an unnamed werewolf

  • Ollie (by Rosalie)
  • Wolfboy (by Bella)
  • Hale (by Jasper)
  • Uncle Ollie (by Renesmee)
Physical description
  • Children of the Moon/Werewolf
  • Human (originally)




Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color
  • Brown
  • Golden/Black (during a full moon)
Skin color


Family information
Family members
Special characteristics
  • Basic werewolf abilities
  • Superior strengths and senses
Special abilities
  • Unnatural urges to shift (sometimes during the daytime)

High School Student/Senior (formerly)

  • Olympic Coven
  • Denali Coven
  • Black Pack
  • Uley Pack

“Apparently, Children of the Moon don't travel in packs. So, I compromised and found a family instead.”
— Oliver about the Cullens.

Oliver Hale is the biological older brother of Rosalie Hale, a Children of the Moon and the sole werewolf member of the Olympic Coven. His is the brother-in-law of Emmett Cullen and the adoptive brother of Edward and Alice Cullen and Jasper Hale. Carlisle and Esme Cullen are his adoptive parents. Bella Swan is his adoptive sister-in-law and her daughter, Renesmee Cullen, is his adoptive niece. Oliver is the mate of Annabelle Hale.

In 1934, a year after Oliver's sister, Rosalie, was raped and murdered by her ex-fiancé, Royce King II, Oliver was mugged, beaten, dumped in a forest where no one would find him and left for dead. It was then that he was bitten and turned by an unnamed Children of the Moon. Oliver survived the transformation and, left to fend for himself, kept a nomadic lifestyle away from human civilization, all the while learning about his new werewolf body on his own.

Because of Oliver's lack of discipline and control, he developed unnatural urges to shift into his werewolf form; and if his emotions were heightened enough, he'd even shift during the day and outside of the full moon. Years without a teacher kept him mostly in his wolf form, making him feral and animalistic for the better part of his early years as a werewolf.

Eventually, Oliver crossed paths with the Cullens while they were residing in Alaska with the Denalis . Because he was in his wolf form, Rosalie didn't recognize him. Carlisle feared that Oliver would kill humans if he was not reverted back into his human form - and possibly gain the Volturi's attention; moreover his interest in the Children of the Moon - due to their rarity - ultimately convinced him to trap Oliver and help him shift back into his human form, where Rosalie identified him as her older brother. Carlisle began training Oliver to control his urges to shift as well as how to keep years of feral behavior at bay. Gradually, and with the help of his new family, Oliver was able to regain his humanity back and Cullens welcomed him into their coven, as the first and only werewolf member.


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Breaking DawnEdit



As the eldest of four children, Oliver was very compassionate in nature and protective of his younger siblings. Although he had a circle of friends and had no problems socially, he preferred the company of his family to that of the outside world. The Hales' social and economic status required their children to be brought up in a respectable household, and as a result Oliver obtained the ubringing of a gentlemen. He was courteous and polite, the very picture of a legible bachelor.


For the first couple of decades after his transformation, Oliver's personality took a wrathful and irritative turn, due to the Children of the Moon's hostile-born nature. The longer he stayed in his werewolf form, the more feral and animal-like he became. Even after Carlisle was able to help him stay human, Oliver's personality changed to a more pessimisstic, quiet and mistrusting tone. However, his compassion and protective nature resurfaced through the influence of the Cullens, especially Carlisle and Rosalie; both of whom helped him regain some semblance of his old human self.

Years of having little to no contact with humans made Oliver quieter, somewhat awkward and unintentionally menacing when it came to talking to people he didn't know personally. When Bella was first introduced to Oliver, she described him as "stoic" and that he "looked like he had a permanently bored expression". Just as the Cullens discovered, over time Bella found that he was much more kind and compassionate than his outward appearance suggested.


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