Family Edit

Bonnie Bennett Edit


Persephone's distant descendant: Bonnie Bennett.

“For someone so close to Emily Bennett, you sure do suck at magic.”
— Bonnie to Persephone when she fails to perform a locator spell.

Persephone is a distant ancestor of Bonnie and despite uneasiness at first they soon become close friends. Just before she awakened, Elena asked Persephone to pass on a message to Bonnie, to let her know that she was still okay and that Bonnie should live her life without worrying about Elena.

When Persephone first meets Bonnie she introduces herself using her married name, still struggling to get used to the fact that it has been 116 years since she has been awake, and therefore neither Bonnie nor Persephone twig that they are in fact related. It isn't until Damon points out the connection that they realise, as Damon remembers helping a young Persephone escape Mystic Falls.

Friends Edit

Elena Gilbert Edit

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Damon salvatore Edit


Persephone's friend: Damon Salvatore.

“It doesn't take Maury to figure it out. Sleeping Beauty here's a Bennett witch.”
— Damon talking about Persephone

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