Phoebe Augustine
Phoebe Augustine-Snyder
Biographical information

June 17th, 1968 (age 32)





Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant kills
  • Many unnamed vampires
  • Many unnamed Werewolves
Killed by
  • Unknown Vampire
Physical Appearance
Played by

Jill Wagner

First seen
Last seen

Ghost World

Killing these vampires comes first. Before me, before everything.
Phoebe to Daniel Snyder

 Phoebe Augustine-Snyder was the mother of Madeleine Augustine and the wife of Daniel Snyder. She is the former girlfriend of Zach Salvatore, who she had a child with that she never told him about as she knew how he felt about that so she kept it from him. Phoebe was born a witch, her mother, grandmother and former professor Sheila Bennett taught her everything she knows about magic, which she passed on to her daughter. Phoebe was killed in 2001 by a vampire while hunting some vampires down with her husband Daniel Snyder, who was also killed. She left her daughter to her former boyfriend Zach Salvatore, due to having no other living family to raise her daughter if anything were to happen to her or her husband. 

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