Family Edit

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Phoenix doesn't have a perfect, or even great, relationship with his family members. Phoenix and his father, Charles, have never seen eye to eye. Charles insults his son by criticizing everything Phoenix has ever done in his life, causing the two to have several fights. The family will usually always side with Charles which doesn't help Phoenix's mood swings.

Charles Darling Edit

“He doesn't care, not about any of us. I am not proud to bear his name.”

Liela Darling Edit (4)
“I love my family, but they are an abomination.”
— Liela about her family.

Leila is the wife of Charles Darling and the mother of Tristan, Demetri, Helena, River and Phoenix Darling.It is believed she was turned into a vampire in her late 40s.  Leila was a devoted and loving mother to her children prior to them becoming vampires. She wanted the best for her children, and feared her husband's selfish nature. Once turned, Leila did her best to keep her family together although it was a challenge. Once, she was turned she was gifted with the ability to tell whenever she was being lied to.

Her relationship with Phoenix is very like her relationship with all her children. She is very loving towards him, and yet disappointed when he goes against her wishes. She, like the rest of the family, does not approve of his reckless behavior and poor decision making.

Although she is loving towards her family, the same cannot be said for anyone else. After all, she is a Darling.

TRISTAN Darling Edit (3)
“Interesting company you keep, Brother.”
— Tristan about his relationship

Tristan is the oldest of the Darling children, having been turned at the age of twenty-eight. It is believed Tristan was married with children in his human life before his father killed him and had him brought back as a vampire. If this is true, then he gave up that family to leave with his parents and siblings, starting his new life.

Tristan and Phoenix do not have a strong bond at all. Tristan sees his youngest brother's acts of defiance as childish. Tristan has no humanity left in him which may be the reason why he is so cold toward Phoenix. He is much more interested in running the family business than getting involved in his brother's life.

He does care for his brother in his own way however and would never let harm come to him.

Demetri Daring Edit (2)
“You used to be cool, man. What happened to you?”
— Demetri asking Phoenix why all of a sudden he cares about people.

Helena Darling Edit (6)
“She was the kindest of the Darlings, yet still as fearsome”
— About Helena (5)

River Darling Edit

“The twins were both quite the handful.”
— About River and Phoenix

River is Phoenix's fraternal twin sister and is ten minutes older than him. Even in their human lives, the pair were inseparable. River is the only person who bothers to try understand him and love him for who he is. Unlike Phoenix, she is close to their father, much to Phoenix's dismay. She protects as well as calms her brother down on occasions when he throws one of his temper tantrums. 

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