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Poppy "Pop" Donovan
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2011 with Stefan's blood




Vampire (Niklaus' bloodline)



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  • Brain aneurysm
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Deborah Ann Woll

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I’m glad this happened, if I hadn’t I’d be dead. I’ve had the thought of dyin’ in my mind for what seems like forever. If I had the choice I’d choose being a vampire over dyin’ and leaving you and mom, any day of the year. I’m happy, Matty, I promise.
Poppy to Matt about her transformation.

Poppy Karen Donovan, sometimes known just as Pop, is a vampire and the daughter of Kelly Donovan and an unknown father. She is the younger twin sister of Matt Donovan by an hour and the younger sister of Vicki Donovan. Pop is a friend of Elena Gilbert and Caroline Forbes, Pop having bonded with her over their becoming vampires.

When Elena found out about the healing quality of Stefan’s blood, she asked if Stefan could give Poppy his blood in order, without her knowing, to heal her ticking timebomb of a condition. Stefan reluctantly agreed, but was worried about how the doctors would react to a sudden miracle recovery.

Due to the nature of her condition, she was able to receive vampire blood, but rather than it healing the clot it flowed to it and caused a brain aneurysm. Poppy could not reach hospital in time to be saved, and so she died with Stefan’s blood still in her system, and so woke up in the middle of her transition into a vampire.


Early LifeEdit

Tve Vampire DiariesEdit


    • Deborah Ann Woll, who plays Poppy, aso plays a Vampire in True Blood, Bill's progeny Jessica.
      • Like Jessica, Poppy doesn't appear in any of the books the series is based on.
    • Pop was the second Donovan to become a vampire, as she was turned shortly after her elder sister, Vicki.
    • Pop's mother, Kelly Donovan, says that she has her father's hair, which suggests that she knows who their father is and it also suggests that the young Donovans' father's hair was red.
    • Pop is the only vampire who has not yet killed anyone.
    • Like her brother, in the series, she often shortens people's names, as well as Damon, but with nicknames -
      • Vicki "Vick"
      • Tyler "Ty"
      • Jeremy "Jer"
      • Caroline "Care"
      • Bonnie "Bon"
    • The only name she doesn't shoten is Matt's, which, like Vicky she lengthened to a pet name, "Matty".
    • Despite the fact that Matt and Pop seem to have a close relationship, Pop has significantly decieved him on several occasions -
      • Firstly, the worsening of her condition in Season 1. She didn't wnat him to worry.
      • And she didn't tell him about how she survived, saying that she figured it was a "miracle".
      • Lastly, she lied to him about hwere she was going as she aided the Salvatores in Rescuing Elena drom Klaus in Before Sunset When there was a risk of her dying.
    • It is often considered that her contition as a human before it likked her makes her value human life, even as a vampire, a lot more than some.

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