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Melissa, Remiel's "friend"

'She' is called Melissa and she's a dear friend, who I have promised to return to when I'm done here. I intend to make spanish omlette served with freshly ground coffee.












God, Remiel's "father", by god (pun not intended) the daddy issues.













Remiel's eldest brother.











Lucifer, Rem's older brother.










Gabriel almost raised me really, he was the one who kept me out of trouble. I mean I did steal half of the weapons of heaven that time. But he did well.

Remiel and Gabriel were genuinely close from the start, as in THE start, Rem being the younger brother who looked up to Gabriel the most (however wise that may or may not have been). It was Gabe's unofficial job to make sure Remiel kept himself out of trouble, and for a long time, he did that well.

When Gabriel left he felt perhaps a little betrayed to not have been told but more than anything he understood why. He couldn't have gotten caught trying to leave they both knew from Jophiel their eldest brother would not stand for that.  He continued his job for longer than he'd expected to. Nothing got better.

So he stole and many of the weapons of heaven he could before abandoning his post to join Gabriel in 'witness protection'.










Raphael, one of Remiel's most charming siblings..










Jophiel, Remiel's late older brother.

Jophiel. It's okay.
I'm not judging you.

Jophiel, often referred to affectionately as just "Joph" by his closer family members, is Remiel's brother, as well as a fallen angel. He made the decision to fall somewhat rashly to Remiel's mind, based on blind loyalty to their brother Lucifer. He was killed by their eldest brother Michael, for his "crime". He was also the father of the nephilim, Ledan, who was two at the time of his death.

Despite being his older brother, Remiel saw Jophiel almost the way an older brother would. While Jophiel was by no means stupid, various factors in his life made him rather naïve (or at least trusting and loyal to a detrimental degree), though Jophiel would certainly never have admitted to this.

Jophiel, to Remiel's mind at least, made a great deal somewhat unwise decisions in his lifetime. Though, unlike many of his siblings, he doesn't count the existence of his son within those unwise decisions. In fact, Remiel believes his relationship with Thyrvï was one of the decisions he made that made him happiest. While it was obviously likely to cause him danger, Remiel believes happiness to be worth a bit of danger (as evidenced by his own relationships). While Jophiel saw himself as somewhat tough and misunderstood, almost "edgy", he was fuelled by his ability to love and trust as well as his unwavering loyalty; which made his position as the "angel of love and beauty" far more fitting to Remiel than Jophiel saw it.











Thiel, as she was when she and Remiel were close.










Amrit NayarEdit


Amrit, Remiel's friend.

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