{{Misc Infobox | name= Remilia Graecoluna | image= | Status= Alive | born= Eighth of Sun's Dusk, 4E186 (Or, in our terms, 8th of November) | alias= None | Race= Breton | hair= Dark coffee-brown | eyes= Mossy-green. | Gender= Female | height= 5'4 | pob = Daggerfall, High Rock | location = Currently, Skyrim (Riften) | skin= Ivory peach. | Age= 15-16 (first book), 17 (second book), 18 (third book) | Died= N/A | Marital= She has crushes, yes, but she doesn't really want to be "tied down" to domestic life. She is a dragon; wild and untamed always. | hidef= | family= Etain, her younger brother. Medea, her mother. | friends= Marcurio, Serana, Mjoll, Lydia, members of the Thieves Guild (except for Mercer) and the members of the College of Winterhold | romances= A few crushes here and there, but never really whole-hearted love. | pets= A small fox kit named Alkosh. Found after defeating Alduin. | allies= Same as friends. And the high kings, of course, if in need. | Skills= (Working on) | Weakness= Her brother being put in danger, family. | Alignment = Good. | religion = Bretony, Daedric (somewhat) | languages = Cyrodillic, Dragonic | Family= Etain (younger brother) and Medea (mother). | job= Does part-time hero count? | Loyalty= To those she deems worthy. |hideg = s| |hideb = |sexuality = Hetero. |Title = "Dovahkiin", "Dragonborn", "Qahnaarin"

“But know that, although I’m gone, far off in a distant land, you are always present in my heart.Remilia in her letter to her younger brother, Etain

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