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Profile 1
Remy O'Bryan
Biographical information

September 19, 1997


Works part time at her aunt's oracle/occult shop.

  • Rems
  • Rem
  • Monkey ( Primarily by Katheen O'Bryan. )
  • Kiddo ( Primarily by Benjamin O'Bryan. )



Rosewood, PA (Currently)

Family information
Family Members
  • Kathleen O'Bryan † ( Mother )
  • Charles Hale ( Father )
  • Madeléin O'Bryan † ( Great-Grandmother )
  • Benjamin † & Marlena O'Bryan ( Maternal Grandparents )
  • Polly Hale ( Paternal Grandmother )
  • Vick Amaretti ( Estranged Paternal Grandfather )
  • Antonia James ( Maternal Aunt )
  • Suzanne O'Bryan-Mitchell ( Maternal Aunt )
  • Layla O'Bryan-Mitchell ( Maternal Aunt-in-Law )
  • Isabella O'Bryan ( Maternal Aunt )
  • Hadley James ( Maternal First Cousin )
  • Rowan James ( Maternal First Cousin )
  • April James ( Maternal First Cousin )
Supernatural information


Eye Color


Hair Colour

Dark Brown/Black

Played by

Freya Tingley

Remy Lilith Dorea O'Bryan was born on September 19, 1998 to high school sweethearts Kathleen O'Bryan and Charles Hale, in the small town of Rosewood, Pennsylvania. They were very much still children themselves when they had her, in the fact that her mother was 17 when she was born, and her father only a year older, at 18. Charles had inherited a worn-down trailer on several acres of land, which the teen parents scrubbed and cleaned to make habitable for their baby, before moving themselves and the newborn out of Kathleen's parents' home.

She was a happy, and healthy little girl, born into a powerful witch family that spans generations, back to the time of Hecate, claimed some. Remy started displaying signs of having powers at about ten months old, which was earlier than her older two cousins, proving that the youngest O'Bryan had the potential to be an extremely powerful witch one day. The small family lived happily in their trailer in the woods for several years, and Remy took to the fields and trees around her home much like a fish would take to water.

It wasn't until she was six that their storybook lives took a turn for the worse. When Kathleen was diagnosed with advanced liver cancer, which had subsequently spread throughout her body and affecting a few other major organs. There was no magical cure. There was very little medicine could do, except prolong her life by maybe a few months. Instead, the young mother opted for a quiet passing, in an attempt to remain the confident, headstrong woman she was in everybody's memory of her — most especially her small daughter. She wanted to die on her own terms, and she did. About five months later, she passed away in their tiny home.

After her mother died, Charles took to raising Remy mostly on his own; often leaving her in the care of Kathleen's parents while he worked long shifts to provide for his only child. Despite the lack of a maternal figure, she grew up kind and strong. Her grandfather passed on a love and appreciation for nature, often taking her into the woods and showing her the different type of plants, and assorted survival skills. As she grew older, she also grew steadily more independent, her father finally trusting her to stay home alone while he was at work when she was about 12. It was at about this time, when she started to be able to stay home on her own, that her father gave her a small black kitten. Something to keep her company during his long shifts at work. Always a kindred spirit to animals, Remy was overjoyed, and affectionately named the kitten "Salem". ( The topic of irony sometimes went over the young witch's head. )

Early Life Edit

Remy Lilith Dorea O'Bryan was born at 11:22 AM on September 19th, at Lynburg Medical Hospital, in the next town over. Kathleen had been debating a natural birth, but, due to her age, and the fact that the child could be prematurely born, the teen and her mother came to the conclusion it would be better to have the baby in a hospital after all. While Kathleen wasn't due to have her baby until October 2nd, Remy clearly had other plans. Arriving just shy of two weeks early, but, perfectly healthy. ( If a little small. ) Weighing a grand total of six pounds and ten ounces,