Leaving a ConversationEdit

  • "Nice seeing you again."
  • "Well, you know where I am if you need me."
  • "If an apocalypse comes, give me a shout."

Party Banter/OriginsEdit

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Party Banter/InquisitionEdit

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Robb and BlackwallEdit

  • Robb: "I'm assuming you've been to the Black Emporium then?"
  • Blackwall: "Huh?"
  • Robb: "Your face.. you changed it, not that I don't appreciate the new look, it's just.. different."
  • Blackwall: "Oh, yeah.. felt like a change."
  • Robb: "Hmmm."


  • Robb: "How is Shoren these days?"
  • Blackwall: "Sorry?"
  • Robb: "Shoren, that elven lover of yours."
  • Blackwall: "Oh.. uh... Shoren, she and I... uh... parted ways."
  • Robb: "I could have sworn Shoren was a man.."


  • Robb: "Did you say you'd been here 11 years?"
  • Blackwall: "Yes."
  • Robb: "I'm pretty sure that would include the years we dealt with the fifth blight.."
  • Blackwall: "Yeah.. uh.. I was here, killed my fair share of darkspawn.. uh.. but I've always kept to myself."
  • Robb: "Riiight.. strange that never came up at Weisshaupt.."
  • Blackwall: (awkward chuckle) "Yeah.. uh.. strange that."


  • Blackwall: "You're not what I expected."
  • Robb: "How do you mean?"
  • Blackwall: "You're not how I expected Grey Wardens to be."
  • Robb: "Blackwall you are a Grey Warden."
  • Blackwall: "Yeah.. uh.. I mean.. from experience.."


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Robb and Iron BullEdit

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Robb and VivienneEdit

  • Robb: "That was pretty awe inspiring back there, Viv."

(If Iron Bull has already called her "Viv")

  • Vivienne: "The Iron Bull tried this too, you may call me Enchanter Vivienne, Court Mage to the Empire of Orlais, or Madame de Fer. Never, "Viv.""


  • Vivienne: "you may call me Enchanter Vivienne, my dear, Court Mage to the Empire of Orlais, or Madame de Fer. Never, "Viv.""
  • Robb: (chuckle)  "In that case you can call me His Majesty, King Robin Cousland of Fereldan, Warden Commander, Hero of Fereldan and the Fifth Blight or Your Majesty."
  • Vivienne: "Yes I get the point, Your Majesty."


  • Vivienne: "You know, Your Majesty, were I a ruler of Fereldan I might not view it as something to brag about. I might even be embarrassed."
  • Robb: (laugh)  "It's been a while since we last spoke, Lady Vivienne, did it take all of that time to think of that jab or just some of it?"
  • Vivienne: "Don't flatter yourself, Sire, it just came to me."
  • Robb: "Hmmm..."


Robb and SolasEdit