Robin, with his slight smirk.

Robb has messy light brown hair, light brown, ambery eyes and slightly tanned skin. As of Inquisition, he has several scars on his face, very likely obtained during his time stopping the blight or in the intervening years (the particularly prominent gash over his eye being from his infamous and difficult duel with Loghain Mac Tir, after gaining the support of the landsmeet).

He and his sister Brid Cousland are often said to look alike, with his elder brother looking somewhat different in that he has dark brown hair and greeny-blue eyes. It's said that Robb looks more like his mother's side of the family; or, at least, this is where his eye colour came from, as his two maternal cousins also have the ambery colouration. 

He tended to insist on wearing his family's armour (mainly for sentimental reasons), though he will more often wear his Grey Warden armour (which he lines with Highever weave, to remind him of home) instead, now that he's more accustomed to his role.


























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