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Robin Greene
Biographical information

4th March 1990 (27)



  • College Student (Psychology, Formerly)
  • Doctorate Student (Psychology, Formerly)
  • Bartender (Formerly)
  • Psychology Intern (Currently)


  • Baltimore, Maryland
  • Whitmore College
Family information
Family Members
Supernatural information
Significant kills

Maria Rhodes (By Accident)

Physical Appearance
Played by

Chace Crawford

First seen

Season 3


Robin Greene (b. 4th March, 1990, Robin Joseph Rhodes) is a werewolf and the son of Adam and Rhiannon Rhodes (neé Renard), the elder brother of Maria Rhodes, ex boyfriend to Daniel Lockwood, a student majoring in Psychology at Witmore College and a bartender at a local bar. He inherited his lycanthropy from his mother’s side. However, though she did know about the curse, his mother never talked about it, having never triggered it herself, Rhiannon thought it was the safest way.

Robin grew up in a middle class family in Baltimore with his one sister, who was two years younger than him. He triggered the curse by mistake, when he accidentally killed his sister while they were arguing by shoving her resulting in her falling down the stairs. After the death of his sister his mother finally told him about the curse, before telling him that he was no longer welcome, though it's implied it was something she said in the moment and she didn't mean it.

Not thinking about whether his mother truly meant what she said, Robin took the first bus home from the hospital, packed a bag and took his father’s wallet and hunting knife too, before he took the first train out of the city, which happened to be going to Richmond, VA.


Early LifeEdit


Robin's missing poster.

The Vampire DiariesEdit



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