“He was kind with a fool's heart. Love was what led is what destroyed him.”
— About Romeo
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Before Romeo was a vampire, he was a 16 year old impulsive and immature teenager, though he was also intelligent, and sensitive. His passion always got the better of him and in the end was what killed him. Once he was turned into a vampire he had time to mature and grow.  Once Romeo is turned he is described as a nice, patient and loyal friend by everyone. Romeo’s maturity when making difficult decisions draws people in. His ability to charm those around him and his utter devotion towards people are other admirable traits. When someone needs help, he is always the first to offer support and guidance. Romeo likes to consider himself loyal but when he meets Renesmee Cullen, he felt a undeniable connection towards her and no matter how hard he tried to ignore the spark between them, he felt himself suddenly questioning all of his intentions. Romeo is completely in love with Renesmee and he often acts a lot more open when he is around her. He would also do everything to protect his family, sometimes being a bit overprotective when trying to protect Renesmee.

When the Volturi came for him after he tried to kill Aro, Romeo declares that he has had enough of running and resolves to stand and fight, showing he is no longer afraid.

"I can't keep running. I can't. I'm not who they think I am. Some Messiah"
Romeo speaking about running from the Volturi.

Special AbilitiesEdit

"I get... visions. Which is to say great splitting migraines that come with pictures. A name... a face."

Romeo received prophetic visions, which includes images of people in peril, names, and places in which evil was present or any danger. These visions also caused Romeo a great pain, though his vampire physiology prevented his brain from suffering real damage. At first Romeo tried to ignore his gift because as a vampire all he wanted to do was kill for blood but as time went by the visions of people in pain got to be far too much for Romeo to handle and he needed to help.

"I saw them all. There is so much pain. I have to help them."

"For thousands of years I wielded the power of sight. I could see all the pain in the world but instead of helping people, I brought ruin upon the world. I was feared and worshiped across the mortal globe but soon the visions became too painful and I found the only way to stop the pain was to do something about it, to help people."

He is also a very capable fighter. He uses a very agile and somewhat artistic style of combat, performing leaps and jumps around and over his opponents, distracting them and then easily defeating them. He has shown great mastery in martial arts. His fighting style is very creative and somehow logical, as he doesn't only use sheer strength and speed, but can incapacitate his enemy by several methods of sneaky attacks and tactics, by attacking from above or down to the opponent.

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