Family Edit

Marie Dixon Edit

When my mum died in the fire -- I actually cried. Not because I was sad to see her go, but because I was happy.
— Ryan Scott talking about his mother to Beth Greene.

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Will Dixon Edit

Our dad was so drunk that he forgot he even had children. I was stuck in the fuckin' forest for months and when I got home, he just ignored my existence. Again.
— Ryan Scott expressing his hated for his father.

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Daryl Dixon Edit

He's the only family I got left. I cannot abandon him.
— Ryan Scott admitting he'd risk his life to save his brother.

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Merle Dixon Edit

Merle kept runnin' away from our abuse. He's kinda an asshole -- yea', but I gotta love 'em or no one else will.
— Ryan Scott expressing his hate/love relationship about his brother.

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