Look after Travis when I’m gone for me Evie? She's been though a lot, I'd hate for her to end up how she was when I got her.

Scarlett’s Pontiac is a red 1969 pontiac firebird convertible, named "Travis". Scarlett, when she was alive, used to drive the car everywhere after she bought and restored it as a teenager. It was passed on to Eva when she died in 2010.

Background and RestorationEdit

The car was purchased in Pine Hollow, West Virginia either in the early summer of 1996. Scarlett bought it from a guy called Bob McConnell for $1,100 and a bottle of Jack Daniels when she was 17. Scar was the third owner of the car. A doctor that lived on Southcott Drive in Fort Garry (Virginia), bought the car new. Bob McConnell was the next person to own the car before he sold it to Scar. At the time Scar was working part time at the local mechanic’s, so she just about knew what she was doing. It took her just over a year and a half to restore the car.



  • Built
  • Bought new by a doctor that lived on Southcott Drive in Fort Garry


  • Bought by Bob McConnell


  • Showcased at various car events


  • Death of Bob McConnell


  • Fell into disrepair


  • Arrived at Pine Hollow Auto Repair
  • Bought by an employee Scarlett Holmes
  • Scarlett started to restore her



  • Car restored to her former glory
  • Scarlett drives to College in Emmerson (West Virginia) with her


  • Scarlett camps outside in her at Cold Oak, Colorado hunting a werewolf


  • Scarlett graduates from Emmerson College and begin hunting using the car as her base.


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