This roleplay character belongs to Grace King (tumblr) and Lilika Matthews (tumblr), she can be found here.


Scarlett 002

Sacrlett was a blonde woman with an oval face and almond-shaped blue eyes. She wore her hair long, while it's naturally straight she'd often curl it. When on cases, she'd usually tie it back or braid it for practicality. Scarlett was considered petite, being both relatively short (she was 5'1") and quite skinny. She was often described as pretty.

Scarlett usually wore colourful and/or patterned T-shirts with jeans, often in the long top under short top style, occasionally with band logos or other printed things on the front; she had a brown waistcoat she would also sometimes wear over the top. She had a denim jacket, a brown leather jacket and an olive green "military-style" jacket she would wear in cold weather, or sometimes just for the hell of it.

Scarlett has never been seen wearing a skirt, and once said to Dean that she "doesn't do dresses.".

She also often carried around a black shoulder bag, in which she would keep important things such as her gun, notes on whatever case she was working, and several decks of ornate tarot cards (one of which had been in the family for decades).

When "She" inhabited Scarlett's body she appeared to be able to make her pupils stretch down to cat-like slits and her irises would turn a much brighter blue. This, however, was something to do with what "She" was, and obviously nothing to do with Scar. This is actually similar to the monster appearance of Kistune eyes, though it's likely this is a coincidence.


Scarlett 003

Scarlett appeared outwardly as a sarcastic, outgoing, fearless, funny, somewhat childish and overall cheerful woman. However, she often hid behind this sarcasm and immature humour to mask any real problems she had, as she was particularly fond of avoiding talking about it. Due to growing up in "the life", Scarlett saw a lot of heavy in her life, and as with most hunters it had a certain effect on her. 

Scarlett and commitment didn't work together. She was terrified of committing to anyone, she felt vulnerable in that couldn't guarantee her partner's safety and she was scared of leaving herself open for that kind of hurt, and that commitment would mean practically giving up her life on the road. It was for this reason she could never consistently hold down relationships.




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