Skylar Fitzgerald

Skye Fitzgerald

New York, NY, USA
Portrayed by
I`m vision girl, remember?
Skye Fitzgerald

Skylar Fitzgerald (better known as Skye) is the daughter of a close family friend of John and Mary Winchester. Skye was born and raised in New York. She was a straight A student, but after her parents were murdered when she was 8 years old by an unknown 'serial killer' as the police suspected due to there being a serial killer on the lose at the time of their deaths. Skye's parents were on their way home from dinner when they were killed. Skye has a high IQ of 197 which makes her a genius. She was raised by her grandparents who always knew the real reason that her parents were killed, and who killed them; more like what killed them. Skye was raised as a hunter by her grandparents, and was one of the best hunters there are. She is a psychic, but she keeps her psychic abilities a secret; only people who know about them are Sam, Dean and Castiel. Skye is very fiesty, reckless and stealthy.

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