Sophia goes looking for Ellen and Jo but learns through an old contact named Garth that they have died. She also learns of the battle that had raged between the Winchesters and Lucifer, that like her Sam was sent to hell but that he had returned. Because the last thing she had remembered before being dragged to hell was Bobby being knocked unconscious, she goes to him to learn if he was alright.

When Sophia shows up at Bobby's home during the episode "Frontierland" , the Winchester's are also there. They test her to make sure that she is not a demon before asking where she was. When she tells them that she was in hell, Dean's only reply is, "Welcome to the club. We should really get t-shirts." They bring her back up to speed on everything that she has missed and tell her that they are preparing to travel back in time to the time of Samuel Colt, where they plan to gather the ashes of a phoenix. Sophia wants to travel back with them, but the Winchester and Bobby are disturbed by how calmly she is taking the fact she spent the past three years in hell. Sophia argues that the only way that she is stopping herself from going mad is by focusing on the job at hand. They reluctantly allow her to tag along.

While in the past Sophia helps the boys search for Samuel Colt but stays in town with Dean to fight the Phoenix. Sophia becomes trapped in a prison cell with the Phoenix who threatens Dean with burning her if he isn't let go to exactly justice for his wife. Knowing that they need the Phoenix dead, Sophia yells at Dean not to do it which leads to the Phoenix seeing her as a threat an using his powers on her, to no avail. The powers she siphoned give her a high resistance to fire, leaving her completely unhurt by the Phoenix who then throws her against the bars of the cage, leaving her dizzy and unable to help. When the 24 hours in the past are up and the three are brought back, Dean thanks her for her help but also tells her that he wants her gone, not knowing how to cope with someone like her. Sophia is hurt but agrees and leaves to return back to her life of hunting.

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