The Steele Family is one of the main families in The Vampire Diaries. The Steele Family is one of the prominent families in Mystic Falls and makes up one of the known witch covens in the series. Prior to the sixth season, the only known members of the family were Bryan, Marian, and Kennedy.

As of the sixth and seventh seasons, Bryan Steele, Kennedy Steele, Justin Steele, Danielle Anderson, Adrienne Anderson, and Maisy Anderson are the last living witches of the Steele family.

History Edit

Family Members Edit

  • Robert Steele
  • Breanne Kennedy-Steele
  • Bryan Steele
  • Marian Bell Steele
  • Kennedy Steele
  • Henry Steele
  • Justin Steele
  • Danielle Steele Anderson
  • Joseph Anderson
  • Adrienne Anderson
  • Maisy Anderson

Relatives Edit

  • to be added

Family Tree Edit

The steele family

Name Edit

  • Steele is a name of English origin. It means "hard or durable". Other known spellings of the surname include Steel and Stele.

Trivia Edit

  • Until season six, the only known members of the Steele family were Kennedy, Bryan, and Marian.
  • Henry is the only known member to be a siphoner.
  • Kennedy gets her name from her grandmother Breanne, who's maiden name was Kennedy.

Gallery Edit

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