I’m talkin’ thousands [of witches] like
a good half'a the population; course some
of them are just into New Age woo.
That can be annoyin’, unless you’re one'a
those folks who sell the expensive crystals..
then you’re set. 'Course then there’s the ones
into dark shit.

— Alistair, on his hometown
Sunrise is a smaller city in Winn ParishLouisiana. It's often referred to "The Salem of the South" due to the high concentration of witches living there. This came about due to a lot of old witch families moving to the city from Europe, to make a life for themselves in the USA.

The community initially consisted of mainly people who hid their magic, due to the high chance of persecution from the highly religious locals. Though, due to the New Age movement, news of this spread, as more people were open about their witch status. As a result the town has become somewhat gimmicky.

Despite this some people come to the town to learn real magic, and a few find themselves successful.


Notable ResidentsEdit


Marco JenssonEdit

Alma JenssonEdit


Alistair JenssonEdit

Sabia BradenEdit

Viggo JenssonEdit


Sarah LeeEdit

Mark JenssonEdit

Marius NystromEdit

Notable Places & LandmarksEdit

Shcools & UniversitiesEdit

St Helena Elementry SchoolEdit

Latouille Elementry SchoolEdit

Fleurimond High SchoolEdit

Winn Parish UniversityEdit

Notable STreetsEdit

Legrand St "Strega-Strada"Edit

Roussel StEdit

Landavran StEdit

Legrand StatueEdit

Lisquily ParkEdit

Traditions & CultureEdit

Yule/Jul's EveEdit

Louisiana-Wide TraditionsEdit


Significant EventsEdit

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