Thyrvï and Leda
General Information

Ledan and Thyrvï


Mother and son: Thyrvï practically raised Leda alone, have kept close over thousands of years, currently somewhat strained relationship due to 'ethical disagreements', Thyrvï is jealous of her son's immortality, Ledan finds the way Thyrvï is "immortal" inexcusable (though he's glad he has her), would do anything for each other, known each other for thousands of years.


For Thyrvï (nor really nicknames but whatever)

  • Móðïr (by Ledan)
  • Móðä (by Ledan)
  • Móð (by Ledan)
  • Múmïðä (by Ledan, when he was very young)
First Met

Leda's birth

Important Events
  • Birth of Leda
  • Death of Jophiel
  • Leda's powers emerging
  • Leda moving out
  • Staying in contact
  • Falling out for a few centuries over ethical differences

Mother and son

My mother's methods
can be considered.. controversial..

— Leda about Thyrvï.

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