Physical AppearanceEdit

"He was as tall as Eric and his hair was just as blonde but he was much more lean. His eyes were his most striking feature. They were the brightest green I’d ever seen. Looking into those eye, I felt I was in another world. Just looking at him, you'd know he wasn't human. He was much more"
Sookie about Tristan.
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Tristen stands at 6'4. His hair, once light brown, is now a golden blonde, though he does like to dye his hair a lot.  His eyes are large and a striking bright green colour. He appears to be strong but has a more lean appearance. 

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Like full fae, Halflings posses enhanced beauty and blood attraction. This blood attraction works to draw other supernatural species to them, and is particularly effective in attracting vampires, who feel vibrant and full of life around Halflings.  Halflings are generally healthier than humans, as they are rarely sick. They also don't have any known human blood type, as evidenced by when when doctors could not establish Sookie Stackhouse's blood type while she was in the hospital

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