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On the Tumblr Roleplay wiki there are only 3 rules:

  • Canon characters and lore pages (or any other pages others might want to make their own version) must have your username in brackets in the title [e.g. "Stefan Salvatore (ShotgunsAndSass)"], this is so if someone else comes along to make the character they can have their own version.
  • Don't copy ideas, characters, graphics or text from people unless you've asked them.
  • Don't mondify other peoples' characters unless they've asked you to.

If you break a rule you get a polite reminder the first time, a temporary block if you continue to do it and if you persistently do it a ban.


If you run into any issues, technical, format-y or otherwise do not hesitate to talk to these people about any issues you might be having, and we'll get back to you pronto.

NOTE: None of our admins are officially affiliated with Tumblr, so our advice/insight on errors on the actual site will be limited. We can attempt to get information for you, but generally any information we have will be hilighted in an update on your notifications in the top right.


Bold Active
Italics Semi Active
Normal Inactive
Admin Job/Roles Contact
Personal Tumblr
(emergency contact only)
Tumblr Roleplay Wiki
Grace Founder, Infobox requests, abuse reports,
page deletion requests, format advice,
general support, bug fixer.
Here Here
Lilika Admin, Deletion Requests, abuse reports,

bug fixer.

Here Here
Kirby Admin/Beurocrat, formatting support, advice

bug fixer, html fixer.

Here Here
Kelsi Admin/Beurocrat, formatting support, advice

bug fixer, reverter, deletion requests.

N/A Here
Caitlyn Admin/Beurocrat, creative advisor
N/A Here
Becky Admin/Beurocrat, creative advisor, diplomat,

deletion requests, abuse reports.

here Here
Ruby Admin/Beurocrat, creative advisor, diplomat,

deletion requests, abuse reports.

N/A Here





I decided to create the wiki, shortly after creating its sister site, Bebo Roleplay Wiki

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