We will be using the "Jimmy Example"  (this wikia's dummy) page for both tutorials, so if you'd like to get the infobox I use in the tutorial you can find it there. You can ask our wiki's admins for help with tutorials.


Method One: Source ModeEdit

by Admin Grace.

  1. You will go to the dagobah system Jimmy Example page, there you will click the edit button, or the classic editor option on the dropdown menu (arrow). For other infoboxes, find a page made by myself or another user for the same fandom and follow the same instructions, while we get around to making a page for Jimmy in each fandom. Shown Below:

  2. You should end up with this page. On this page press the "Source" button, circled below.


    this should take you here:

  3. Now you're in "Source Mode" you select the infobox, that's everything from "{{Misc Infobox" (or any other fandom's infobox you may be using e.g. "{{Infobox TVD Character") to the "}}" i.e the stuff shown below.

  4. Now open a new tab in your browser, for most you can do this by pressing "Ctrl+t" on a Windows OS. Once you have a new tab, go to the TRW page (you can instantly get a new tab of it by "Shift+clicking that link")
  5. There (or on almost any other wikia page) you can find the "Contribute" button. You click that dropdown and select "Add a Page"..

  6. A box should show up called "Add a New Article". Name it your character's name (with your username in brackets if it's a canon) and then select option 3 "Blank Page" and hit "Add a Page".

  7. Once you get your new page you'll have to press "Source Mode" again (as shown above)
  8. In "Source Mode" paste all the stuff you copied in step 3. 
  9. Replace all of Jimmy's details with your own character's, leaving any ones you don't have anything to fill in for empty, and hit save.

    Details Change
    Details ChangeAfter
  10. Profit.

Method Two: Visual ModeEdit

by Admin Grace.


Method Three: Visual EditorEdit

by Admin Lilika.