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This roleplay character belongs to Giselle and is currently archived.

Olivia Salvatore
Viviane Salvatore
Biographical information

October 17th, 1845 (18/166)


By Katherine in 1864 (indirectly)



  • Prisoner/Augustine Vampire (1953-1958)
  • Harvard University Student (1970's)
  • High School Student (Formerly; 2009 to 2011)


Family information
Family Members

Supernatural information
Significant kills

Unnamed Lockwood Ancestor

Cause of death

Suicide (compelled)

Killed by

Katherine Pierce (as a human)

Physical Appearance


Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color


Played by

Meghan Ory

First seen


Last seen

Promised Land

One hundred and seventy-two years is a long time to be angry at anyone.
Viviane to Elena in The Return

Viviane Salvatore is one of the main, female protagonists of The Vampire Diaries. She is the younger sister of Damon and the older sister of Stefan as well as the only daughter of Giuseppe and Lily Salvatore. She has an unknown, illegitimate half-brother from whom the Salvatore line was descended down to - and ended with - Zach Salvatore. She was born and raised in the colonial town of Mystic Falls, Virginia. In 1864 she was killed by Katherine and turned into a vampire.

Viviane was born in 1845, several years after Damon and a year before Stefan. Due to her mother's absence in her life, she formed a close attachment to her brothers. While she loved Giuseppe, her father rarely displayed the affections of a parent, whereas Damon and Stefan made sure she would never feel the vacancy of their mother.

In 1864, Katherine Pierce entered the Salvatores' lives. Unlike her brothers, Viviane was not compelled at first. It wasn't until she accidentally witnessed Katherine feeding on Stefan, that Katherine compelled Viviane to become her complacent and overly fond friend. When it became apparent that the town was receiving shipments of vervain, Katherine began feeding Viviane her blood. If anything was to ever happen to Katherine, Viviane had been compelled to jump off the Salvatore Estate.

True to her compulsion, when Katherine was later drugged with vervain via Stefan and locked up by Giuseppe, Viviane committed suicide, under compulsion, by jumping from the roof. A vampire daughter was Katherine's 'parting gift' to Giuseppe. Due to the vampire hunt and the burning of Fell's Church, Giuseppe found Viviane - broken and dead - after he had shot and killed Stefan and Damon for attempting to free Katherine.

Some time before her body was to be made ready for burial, Viviane woke in the morgue, in transition. As a previously claimed dead body rising from the dead, the mortitian believed her to be a vampire and attempted to kill her. Viviane fought back resulting in a wound that lured her into killing and drinking the mortitian's blood and completing her transition into a vampire.

Around the same time, Stefan had accidentally killed Giuseppe and convinced Damon to complete his transition, as well. After regrouping with her brothers, Viviane procured a Lapiz Lazuli necklace from Emily Bennett, giving her the ability to walk in the sunlight without it harming her.

She attempted to help Stefan regain his humanity, however, after finding all of her struggles futile, she left him in the much more capable hands of Alexia Bronson. Parting ways with Stefan, Viviane spent the next couple of decades with Damon. Although she had never lost control to the extend of a ripper, Viviane had a very difficult time controlling her urges to drink from humans. During her early vampire years she slipped up quite often, and was only able to learn how to control her urges with Damon's help and guidance.

In 1912, Viviane was reunited with Stefan at the funeral of a nephew. The events proved to be disastrous when Damon convinced Stefan to drink human blood, and Viviane - angry at Damon - left to help Stefan keep from reverting to his ripper ways. It wasn't until 1942 that Viviane - alongside Stefan and Lexi - saw Damon again and the two siblings made amends to their relationship when Viviane confessed that she could not stay angry at her brother forever. Later, when Lexi persuaded to let Stefan ship out to war without him, Viviane stayed with Damon.

In 1953, when Viviane was residing with Damon, the two of them were tricked into being sold to the Augustine Society by their distant half-nephew, Joseph Salvatore. It was there that she met Enzo for the first time. During Damon and Enzo botched attempt to escape the Augustine Estate, Viviane was kept in her cell. Believing his friend and his sister dead, Damon turned his emotions off and fled. Luckily, Viviane was able to compel one of the doctors' assisstants to open her cell so she could escape.

After the Augustine Society, Viviane tried to find Damon, but could not track him anywhere. Instead, she attempted to make some semblence of a regular, human life for herself by returning to school. Viviane was even able to enroll herself at Harvard, where she met with Stefan. The two reconciled after he explained what he had been up to and Lexi's success in getting him to control his blood urges.

Viviane returned to Mystic Falls alongside Stefan. She resided with Zach Salvatore until his death. When Stefan and Damon returned, it was the first time in 167 years that the three of them were living in the same house again.

Viviane is a member of the Salvatore Family. 

Early HistoryEdit

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1953 - 1958Edit


The Vampire DiariesEdit

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Personality and TraitsEdit


Growing up in the Salvatore Estate, Viviane retained much of her compassion from Damon - who treated her and Stefan with the love that neither could've gathered from Giuseppe or their presumably dead mother.


The one thing Viviane was able to keep over the years of being a vampire was her compassion. While Damon was key in helping her control her bloodlust, it was her compassion that ultimately helped strengthen her will to stop killing humans. Eventually, she stopped feeding on human blood altogether, and kept an animal blood diet for over eighty years.

Even as a vampire, Viviane dislikes conflict and rarely uses her vampire abilities to get what she wants. She prefers reasoning to violence, and because of this reason Damon has often dubbed her a 'vampire hippie'.


Damon SalvatoreEdit

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