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The Walsh family are abominations. That entire family, if you can call them that, is full of monsters. They are power-hungry, unpredictable, dangerous, and murders. They must be eliminated.
Naomi's view on the Walsh family

Walsh Family
  • All Seasons
  • Extant
  • Undead
  • The Walsh's
  • Vampire Royalty
  • Original Family
  • Lamia Vampires
Notoable family members
  • Alpha Vampire (Progenitor of the Walsh family bloodline)
  • Mikael Walsh †
  • Esther Walsh †
  • Gemma Yates †
  • Adrianna Walsh †
  • Emmaline Walsh †
  • Freya Walsh 
  • Finn Walsh 
  • Elijah Walsh
  • Niklaus Walsh
  • Kol Walsh
  • Rebekah Walsh
  • Henrik Walsh †
  • Nevaeh Winchester
  • Hope Walsh
  • Jameson Walsh
  • Killian Walsh
  • Kahlia Walsh
Related families
  • Wayland Family
  • Yates Family
  • Eklund Family
  • Blackthorn Family
  • Morgenstern Family
  • Arlington Family
  • Stark Family
  • Fairchild Family
  • Winchester Family
  • Campbell Family
  • Hunters (Nevaeh, Elijah, and Rebekah)
  • Walsh Family Mansion
  • Klaus' Mansion

The Walsh Family, also known as the the Original family, is a family whose line dates back to the 11th millennium BC, in and around the area which is known today as Norway.

Members of the Walsh family are, or were, vampires; however, the most recent members of the family are hybrids.

However, the Walsh family is a special breed of vampires created by the Alpha Vampires, and are more powerful - possessing their own strengths, weaknesses, and abilities - than the second breed of vampires the Alpha Vampire created. The Walsh family has the ability to create two vampires: their own special breed of vampires and the second breed of vampires.

The Walsh family are also called Lamia Vampires, meaning that in addition to possesing all the other vampire characteristics, they also possess characteristics unique to them, such as being born as a vampire, having the ability to age or not, and being able to have children of their own.

They are the most powerful vampires in the world, aside from the Alpha Vampire, and are considered to be vampire royalty amongst their kind.


The Walsh family originates all the way to the 11th millennium BC, in and around the area which is known today as Norway. The earliest members of the family are the very first line of vampires, being direct descendants from the Alpha Vampire, and therefore making all vampires are decended from them.

The first members of the Walsh family helped the Alpha Vampire create the rest of the entire race of vampires across thh world, which soon populated into a new civilization.

Early LivesEdit


Mikael Walsh

Mikael Walsh:
 Mikael, born sometime in the 11th millennium BC, was a vampire and the former patriarch of the Walsh family. He was the husband of Esther, and the ex-husband and cousin of Adrianna Walsh (née Yates). He is the father of Freya, Finn, Elijah, Kol, Rebekah, and Henrik, as well as the step-father of Niklaus and step/adopted-father of Emmaline.

Mikael had married Esther sometime before the BC era. After the birth of all their children and Klaus, Mikael and Esther's marriage began to fail. While Mikael loved all his children dearly, he had a very bad relationship with Klaus, who he viewed as a constant reminder of his wife's infidelity. His dislike of Klaus grew over the years and turned into a deep hatred. His hatred of Klaus caused a huge rift in the Walsh family, and caused his children to resent Mikael and his abusive ways. After all of Mikael and Esther's children grew up, they seperated and began to travel around the word. With their children gone, Mikael left Esther, no longer wanting to be with her.

Many years later, in 1977, Mikael married his distant cousin Adrianna to keep her safe and protect her. This was because of a deal and promise he had made with the Yates family, and also with his younger sister, who was the grandmother of Adrianna. Esther heard of their marriage and returned to him, as did his children. Mikael and 

Eventually, Mikael was killed by Nevaeh, his step/adopted-granddaughter, and Castiel because of his attempts to kill Dean Winchester and Sam Winchester, Nevaeh's father and uncle.


Esther Walsh (née Wayland)

Esther Walsh (née Wayland): 
Esther, born sometime in the 11th millennium BC, was a vampire and the former matriarch of the Walsh family. She was the wife of Mikael, and the mother of Freya, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah, and Henrik, as well as the step/adopted-mother of Emmaline.

She married Mikael at a young age, having been courted by him.She had an affair with a man named Ansel Yates, the biological father of Klaus. The reason for her affair was because she felt as though her marriage with Mikael was failing. This affair put an even greater strain on her marriage, as well as on her relationships with her own children, especially Klaus. Her children grew estranged from her as she allowed Mikael to abuse Klaus and treat him terribly. Eventually, when all her children had grown up, they seperated and began to travel the world. With their children gone, Mikael left Esther, and so she began travelling as well.

When she heard of Mikael marrying a girl in 1977, Esther showed up to take Mikael back. Her children showed up as well. With her family back together, Esther was happy, but she also feared everyone would leave again. She viewed Adrianna and Emmaline as a threat to having a perfect family; she even resorted to killing Adrianna and making it look like a demon attack. Esther grew paranoid and insane, and began to resort to violence to try and keep her family together and not let them seperate again. Not liking what their mother had become, her children once again attempted to flee and she began to hunt them down to keep them together forever. Eventually, Esther was killed by Niklaus and Elijah.

Gemma Yates (née Walsh): Gemma was born sometime before the BC era. She is a vampire, and the sister of Mikael. She is the mother of Rosaline Yates, the first ever Angel/Vampire hybrid. She, along with her brother and his wife, was one of the original vampires of the first breed.

When Gemma was growing up, she was very close with her brother, but after he married Esther, she grew estranged from him. The reason for this was because Gemma didn't like Esther, knowing that she was bad for Mikael, but he didn't agree. She eventually decided to stop aging and left the tribe where she was living with Mikael and Esther. For years, she stayed away from her brother and her family.

After many years of travelling and being alone, Gemma met Everett Yates, a fellow vampire. She and Everett became best friends and fell in love with one another after spending many years together. For a long time, Gemma and Everett had a good marriage, but eventually it began to become shaky. She wanted to start a family of her own with Everett, but she wouldn't be able to become pregnant because Everett hadn't been turned by a member of the Walsh family, meaning he wasn't capable of having children. Distraught, Gemma and Everett began to grow apart from one another and see other people, despite still being married. This led to Gemma meeting the archangel Raphael and becoming his lover. Gemma managed to become pregnant with Raphael's unborn baby, something which she was overjoyed about, even if the baby wasn't Everett's. When Gemma gave birth to Rosaline, she and Raphael sent their daughter into hiding for protection with Everett. Gemma then went on the run, but she was eventually found and killed by Uriel.

Adrianna Walsh (née Yates): Adrianna was born on August 11, 1960. She was an Angel/Vampire hybrid, and the former wife of Mikael. She was the daughter of Rosaline Yates and Raphael, and the step-daughter of Everett Yates. She was also the cousin of Mikael, being the granddaughter of his sister, Gemma. Despite being cousins, Adrianna still married Mikael because of the deal  that he would protect and hide her from the demons and monsters that were coming after her.

A few months into their marriage, Esther - Mikael's old wife - showed up, wanting to get back together with Mikael. Adrianna and Mikael divorced, but Adrianna kept the surname Walsh and continued to live with Mikael and Esther for their protection. Her daughter Emmaline even took the surname Walsh, and was considered to be Mikael's step-daughter.

Adrianna and Esther did not get along with one another, as Esther viewed her and Emmaline as a threat to having the perfect family. Due to this, Adriana and Esther would often clash with one another and argue, though they tried not to do so in the presence of Mikael, as he didn't like them fighitng. Adrianna was killed by Esther when Emmaline was a toddler, but she made it look like it was a demon attack.

Emmaline Walsh: Emmaline was born on December 2, 1979. She was an Angel/Vampire hybrid and the mother of Nevaeh. She was the child of Adrianna and Michael, the Archangel. She was also the step/adopted-daughter of Mikael and Esther, as well as the younger step/adopted-sister of Freya, Finn, Elijah, Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah, and Henrik.

Her mother was murdered when she was only a toddler, having been killed by Esther. After her mother was killed, she was adopted by Mikael, and reluctantly by Esther. When she was sixteen years old, she got pregnant with Dean Winchester's unborn child. Angry by this, Esther and Mikael kicked Emmaline out. Emmaline then went to go live with one of her distant step-cousins from the Yates family.

Castiel showed up when Emmaline was only three months pregnant, planning to kill her unborn baby, but he didn't when he found out the baby was his soulmate. Instead, Castiel decided to protect Emmaline throughout the rest of her pregnancy. When Nevaeh was born, Emmaline was killed by demons, as well as her step-cousin, and her daughter was kidnapped.

Freya Walsh: Freya was born sometime before the BC era. She is a vampire, and Esther and Mikael's firstborn. She is the older fraternal twin sister of Finn, and also the older sister of Elijah, Kol, Rebekah, and Henrik, the older half-sister of Klaus, as well as the step/adopted-sister of Emmaline.

Freya is Mikael's most favourite child, being his firstborn. Growing up, Freya witnessed the terrible abuse of her half-brother Klaus and did not like it. This caused her to grow apart from her father, as she came to resent him and his horrible personality. Freya's growing dislike of Mikael did not help his state of mind. She also grew to dislike her own mother, who allowed her brother's abuse and thought their family was perfect. 

When Freya was sixteen, she met a man named Halvard, who was twenty years old and had joined their tribe. She grew close with him and when she was old enough, Freya and him ran off and got married. When Freya reached the age of twenty-nine, she decided to stop aging and changed Halvard into a vampire.

In 1977, when Freya heard her father had married another woman, she and Halvard re-joined her family. She eventually found out that Esther was the one who murdered Adrianna and informed Klaus and Elijah of such, and therefore, her brothers ended up hunting down their mother and killing her in revenge, and to stop her violent attempts to make the family happy. 

Finn Walsh:

Elijah Walsh:

Niklaus Walsh:

Kol Walsh:

Rebekah Walsh:

Henrik Walsh:

Nevaeh Winchester:

Hope Walsh:

Jameson Walsh:

Killian Walsh:

Kahlia Walsh:

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Name Image Full Name Born Species Status Age
Mikael Walsh
Mikael Kristoffer Walsh Sometime before the BC era Vampire Deceased 400,900+
Esther Walsh
Esther Elyse Wayland Walsh Sometime before the BC era Vampire Deceased 400,900+
Gemma Yates
Gemma Avah Walsh Yates Sometime before the BC era Vampire Deceased 400,900+
Freya Walsh
Freya Dahlia Walsh Eklund Sometime before the BC era Vampire Undead 29/400,900+
Finn Walsh
Finn Aaden Walsh Sometime before the BC era Vampire Undead 400,900+
Elijah Walsh
Elijah Alexzander Walsh Sometime before the BC era Vampire Undead 27/400,900+
Niklaus Walsh
Niklaus Ivailo Walsh Sometime before the BC era


Undead 24/400,900+


By Mikael Walsh:Edit

  • Gemma Yates - Gemma was the sister of Mikael and was turned by him. She eventually married into the Yates family and never saw Mikael and his family.
  • Yates family - Members of the Yates family are relatives of the Walsh family, via Gemma. (As well as Esther, Klaus, Hope, and Nevaeh).

By Esther Walsh:Edit

  • Dahlia Wayland - She is the older sister of Esther, and so she is a relative of the Walsh family, via her sister.
  • Ansel Yates - He is Esther's lover. He is a member of the Yates family and a werewolf.
  • Wayland Family - Members of the Wayland family are relatives of the Walsh family, via Esther.

By Adrianna and Emmaline Walsh:Edit

  • Rosaline Yates - She is the mother of Adrianna and the grandmother of Emmaline. Rosaline is the first Angel/Vampire Hybrid.
  • Gemma Yates - She was the sister of Mikael, the mother of Rosaline, the grandmother of Adrianna, and the great-grandmother of Emmaline. She was a vampire.
  • Everett Yates - He is the husband of Gemma, the step-father of Rosaline and step-grandfather of Emmaline.
  • Archangels - Three of the four archangels - RaphaelGabriel, and Michael - are relatives of the Walsh family, via Nevaeh. (As well as Nevaeh).
  • Yates Family - The members of the Yates family are relatives of the Walsh family, via Adrianna and Emmaline. (As well as Esther, Mikael, Gemma, Klaus, Hope, and Nevaeh)
  • Winchester Family - Members of the Winchester are relatives of the Walsh family, via Emmaline. (As well as Nevaeh and Rebekah).

By Freya Walsh:Edit

  • Halvard Eklund - Halvard is the husband of Freya. He is a vampire.
  • Eklund Family - Members of the Eklund family are relatives of the Walsh family, via Halvard.

By Finn Walsh:Edit

  • Sage Blackthorn - She is the wife of Finn. She is also a vampire.
  • Blackthorn Family - Members of the Blackthorn family are relatives of the Walsh family, via Sage.

By Elijah Walsh:Edit

  • Katherine Morgenstern - She is the wife of Elijah, and the mother of his son, Jameson. She was turned into a vampire at the age of twenty by Elijah after having given birth to their son.
  • Nadia Morgenstern - Nadia is the daughter of Katherine and the step-daughter of Elijah. She was born when Katherine was sixteen and given up for adoption.
  • Morgenstern Family - Members of the Morgenstern family are relatives of the Walsh family, via Katherine, Nadia, and Jameson.

By Niklaus and Hope Walsh:Edit

  • Hayley Arlington (born Andrea Lucille StarkHayley was betrothed to Klaus from the moment she was born. She married him at the age of nineteen. She soon found out she was pregnant and later gave birth to their daughter, Hope. She is a werewolf.
  • Ansel Yates - He is the biological father of Klaus and grandfather of Hope. He is the former lover of Esther and a werewolf.
  • Yates Family - Members of the Yates family are also relatives of the Walsh family, via Klaus and Hope. (As well as Mikael, Gemma, Adrianna, Emmaline, Nevaeh, and Esther).

By Kol Walsh:Edit

  • Davina Fairchild - Davina is the fiancé of Kol. She had a one-night stand with him, and later found out she was pregnan with their son, Killian. Despite having been turned into a vampire, she is still both a psychic and witch.
  • Fairchild Family - Members of the Fairchild family are relatives of the Walsh family, via Davina and Killian.

By Rebekah Walsh:Edit

  • Sam Winchester - Sam is the soulmate of Rebekah. He is a human.
  • Winchester Family - Members of the Winchester family are relatives of the Walsh family, via Rebekah. (As well as Emmaline and Nevaeh).

By Nevaeh Winchester:Edit

  • Castiel - Castiel is the soulmate and future husband of Nevaeh. He is an angel.
  • Winchester Family - Members of the Winchester family are relatives of the Walsh family, via Nevaeh. (As well as Emmaline and Rebekah).
  • Archangels - Three of the four archangels - RaphaelGabriel, and Michael - are relatives of the Walsh family, via Nevaeh. (As well as Adrianna and Emmaline).
  • Yates Family - Members of the Yates family are relatives of the Walsh family, via Nevaeh. (As well as Esther, Mikael, Gemma, Adrianna, Emmaline, Klaus, and Hope).

Known LocationsEdit



  • All members of the Walsh family are related to the supernatural world.
  • Many members of the Walsh family are hybrids.
  • Ironically, Nevaeh, Elijah, and Rebekah are hunters, meaning they hunt down the supernatural and save people from monstersdemonsghosts and other creatures. The Walsh family consists mostly of monsters (vampires, werewolves), though some are part-angel or witches.
  • Many members of the Walsh family are arrogant.


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