Witch-Vampire Hybrid
Species Information

Rare / Endangered

Related species

Witch, Vampire, Werewolf-Vampire Hybrid, Werewolf-Witch Hybrid



A witch-vampire hybrid is one of the three types of supernatural hybrids in the series The Vampire Diaries and its spinoff series The Originals. They are a cross between two of the supernatural species, the witch, and the vampire.

The first known hybrid, and the only current hybrid is Brielle Salvatore, the daughter of the vampire Stefan Salvatore and the witch, Lydia Duchamps, created through a ritual involving the blood of both parties, and carried for nine months inside of her mother, before being born.

Witch-Vampire hybrids were not known to have been able to even be possible, but somehow the pregnancy of Dia broke all sort of standards to make it possible, and also making Brielle the first biological child of a vampire, after their transition, until Niklaus Mikaelson's daughter Hope was born in 2012.

Considered an abomination to nature, and an unfair balance of power by many witches and hunters alike, the witch-vampire hybrid can be considered to be endangered.

The witch-vampire hybrid is distantly related to the other two supernatural hybrid species; the werewolf-vampire hybrids and the witch-vampire-werewolf tribrid. (Of which Hope Mikaelson is the first and only known in this species.) This hybrid is different than that of the Heretics, in the fact that they are a true hybrid, rather than a coexistence of both, or being forced to only siphon their magic from another source.

After the birth of the first hybrid, Brielle, nature deemed the child to be an imbalance of power, and any other witch attempting to perform the ritual to give them a child to a vampire will be unsuccessful; as nature will not allow another.

Characteristics Edit

Strengths Edit

Strength Speed Healing Compulsion Magic Enhanced hearing Immortality Channelling Divination Empathy

Weakness Edit

Vervain Sunlight Bloodlust Staking Beheading Fire Torn heart Lobelia flower Magic Distraction Trauma/Fear Bloodline

Diet Edit

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